Sunday, 29 March 2015

Don't Want Your Diamonds

song of the day - Dolls by Primal Scream 
I do have a shalwar, undershirt and dupatta that go with this dress, but at the moment they are hiding from me. 
Oh it's been a long week. I've been ill since Wednesday, which really messed up my plans for yesterday. Thankfully I had the week booked off work anyway, so at least I have been able to relax and mostly get over this cold/flu.
Anyway, I bought this dress (and the rest of the suit) for my cousin's wedding a few years ago. I love the colours, and the layered skirt. As soon as I saw it I knew that it would be my outfit for the wedding (and for some of the other weddings I'd be going to for a few years). 
Sometimes you just need to wear something that swishes.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hustle For Me

song of the day - Tilt Ya Head Back by Nelly & Christina Aguilera
mac nice 'n' spicy lip pencil
For the longest time I avoided nude lips, certain that there would never be the right colour for me. Oh how times have changed. Sarah has been raving about MAC's Nice 'n' Spicy lip pencil for so long that I finally decided to check it out, and I just had to buy it. It's the first lip liner that I've bought from MAC, and it will not be the last.
The colour is described as "pink cinnamon stick" on the mac website, and although it's not very pink, I have to agree on the description. It reminds me of the paint colour Burnt Umber.
The pencil applies smoothly, and is fully opaque. You can wear the colour by itself. As a matte pencil it is drying, but a good lip balm can sort that out if you want to wear the pencil with no other colour.
mac nice 'n' spicy lip pencil
Nice 'n' Spicy is part of the prolong wear range, so at £15 it's a little more expensive than the normal MAC lip pencil range, but totally worth it. I don't own backups of any product, but I'm thinking of getting a backup (or 3) for this one. It is just that good.
mac nice 'n' spicy, oxblood lipstick, buxom lipgloss lip pencil
I've been wearing it obsessively with MAC's Oxblood and Buxom's White Russian. The three have become my holy trinity of lip products. I wore the three for a 8.30-18.30 shift at work and I only had to touch up once (after eating).
Have you got any MAC lip liners? What's your go-to lip colour at the moment?
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Because She's Like A Girl I've Never Seen

song of the day - Granger Danger by Team StarKid
primark top missguided dress
shirt dress - Missguided. top - Primark. jeans - Forever 21. lips - Bauhua5 by KVD.
I told you there would be an outfit post with this top in soon! I'm feeling very chill right now. I have another week off work this week, and it will probably be my last one for a few months. I doubt I'll be as productive this week as I was for my other week off, but you never know.
black womens boots
boots - Bertie
These are my every day boots, and I wear them with pretty much every outfit. I've had them for over a year and they're still going strong. I've seen similar pairs in NewLook, and Forever 21, but I don't feel like they would last as long, at least not with how often I wear them. It will be a sad day for me when these bad boys are no longer wearable.
Do you have a go to pair of boots? Which is your favourite boot brand??
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

They Told Me The Same

song of the day - Magic by Ladyhawke
camera - canon 550D. lens - canon 50mm f/1.8 ||
At least once a month I'll meet up with my best mate for a brew and a catch up in one of our towns many coffee shops. We'll waste time chatting about this and that, then waste more time mooching round Primark and a plethora of Charity shops. We've been doing this on a regular basis since 2012, and a semi regular basis for a few years before that. Sometimes it's hard to sync our schedules up (because of work), but we always manage to get there in the end.
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Sunday, 15 March 2015

She Walks Right Through The Door

song of the day - Been Caught Stealing by Janes Addiction
I love the look of jumpsuits, but I only own one. The reason for this is that most don't fit me well. Either they are a little too high in places, or too baggy. When I saw this one I knew that I had to have it, and I managed to nab it for £12 in the Missguided sale. The elasticated waist gives me a bit of shape, and the adjustable straps means that the top part isn't hanging off of me. The only downside is that the material is very fragile. I'm hoping that it will survive a go in the washing machine, but who knows.
The 70's trend that is around at the minute has really caught my eye, and that's what came to mind when I first spotted this jumpsuit. I could just picture it my head; a blouse, thick soled shoes, and this jumpsuit. With a colours reminiscent of Jack and Vera wallpaper, it's doing its part to brighten up my wardrobe.
jumpsuit - Missguided. blouse - Zara.
Are you a jumpsuit fan? Which current trend is your favourite?
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Saturday, 14 March 2015

People Should Smile More

song of the day - People Should Smile More by Newton Faulkner
I've had this past week off work, and so I decided to take my camera on a few days out. I bought a new lens the other week and wanted to have a bit of practice with it. It's a 50mm lens, so it's been a bit weird for me getting used to not being able to zoom in and out. The autofocus isn't very good, but I've been wanting to be less reliant on autofocus anyway.
focusing fail
On Monday I went to Manchester centre and the weather was not on my side. I was hoping that it would not be raining so I could sit outside for an hour or so and just take photographs. That did not happen. Hopefully when it warms up a bit I can just sit on a bench and take photographs.
The sun came out to play on Tuesday, so I went to Bolton and had a bit of a mooch. I sat on the town hall steps for a bit with a brew, doing a some people watching. I also maybe kinda names a few of the pigeons. It was so nice to just sit there and not have to think about anything but Bob, Gilda, and Jeffrey (aka the pigeons).
On Thursday the sun decided to go into hiding again. It didn't rain though, which was good. Especially since the Global Market was on in Bolton Town centre. My friend and I didn't actually know it was on until we got to town. It was a very happy surprise. I didn't buy much, just some cupcakes, and tulips. We also went to the museum and aquarium, because we are obviously 5.
Today is my last day off, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Here's hoping whatever I decide is good though.
What did you do this week?
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camera - Canon 550D. lens - Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 ||

Friday, 13 March 2015

It's Down To Me

song of the day - Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones
More than a few subscription boxes have come (and gone) over the past few years, but none have ever really caught my eye. I bought 2 Glossyboxes when they first came out, but they were kind of underwhelming, so I just gave up on them. 
A few months ago I heard about MyLittleBox, a French subscription box that has a few makeup and lifestyle bits in it. I was intrigued to say the least. After umming and ahhing for a few months I decided to subscribe last month, and I have not been let down. Yet. I didn't write a post on last months box because I didn't receive it until late in the month, but I did post photos of the products I received on Instagram.
This months theme is Superheros, and the illustrations that go with the theme are so cute. In this months box the 2 lifestyle items are a tee (there are at least 2 designs available), and some stickers. I'm not sure what I'll do with the stickers, but the tee is so cute. It looks a little big for me, but it'll do. I'm going to be feeling very Space Jam while wearing it.
The one thing that really drew me to this brand were the beauty bits that they include in the boxes. So far there isn't anything that I wouldn't love to try. This month there is a Caudalie hand cream, a Kerastase conditioner, and a MLB lip and cheek colour. Other people have got different items, I've seen a Garnier product floating about, and a MLB lip balm.
I never jumped on the Caudalie bandwagon that was pushing through the blogging world a few years ago, but everyone raves about the brand so hopefully this hand and nail cream will be good. I've had very dry hands this winter, so I'm not sure if this will be heavy duty enough for me, but we can only see.
The Kerastase conditioner is supposed to leave hair feeling silky soft, and looking luminous. I'm not a conditioner girl, because every one that I've used so far has made my hair feel and look greasy. Hopefully this will work better for me.
And finally is the MLB own brand beauty product. This month (for me anyway) it's a lip and cheek colour stick. It's a pretty coral colour, and I think I'll be more likely to use this on my cheeks rather than lips. The texture of it reminds me of the Topshop cream to powder blushes, and hopefully it'll be just as good as them.
Overall it's a pretty good box, and it's a great mid-month pick me up.
Have you subscribed to MLB? Or any other subscription box? Have you tried any of these products before?
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