Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In That Sunshine State

song of the day - California Love by 2Pac
It's so hot and humid out today, I just about managed to walk to my local pasty shop and back before needing a sit down. I was barely out for 15 minutes and I was ready for a cold shower. It's currently 30 degrees (which is 86 for you fahrenheit peeps) in my town, and let me tell you now, I am not made for heat.
Yesterday I was so close to climbing into the freezer to cool down, but I managed to resist the temptation. Because of the heat and early start at work I ended up taking a nap at 6 o'clock. I think I'm ready for my pension and bus pass now, thank you.
 top H&M. trousers - Zara.
I own a few crop tops, but this my favourite. It looks perfect with any pair of high-waisted trousers.
nails - Barry M You Drive Me Navy
What's the weather like where you are? Are you contemplating an ice bath too?

Friday, 26 June 2015

I've Packed My Bags

song of the day - Country Leaver by the Dandy Warhols
It's been a while since I've done a "What's in My Bag" post, so I thought what the hell, let's do one today. I don't lug around nearly as much crap as I did in the last post, probably because my current bag is smaller than that one. I do still use that other bag though, but not as often.
 I bought this bag from Zara back in January during the sales, and it has been my faithful partner ever since. For the past 4 years the majority of my handbags have come from Zara, they're just so durable, and affordable (especially when there's a sale on). This one does have a few marks on the bottom of it, but I don't see myself replacing it within the next 6 months.
purple casio watch
I mostly just carry around the basics with me; phone, purse, keys, watch, i-pod, a pen, and a plethora of receipts and lip products. Ok, so that's a lot of basics, but it is all needed. Mostly.
My work watch is only a cheap Casio from Argos, some of the colour has faded on it, and it's scratched to hell, but it does the trick. I don't tend to wear a watch outside of work, but it's easier for me to get work done if I know how much longer I have left to do it in.
mulberry french tree purse
purse - French Tree Purse from Mulberry. phone cover - Primark.
Raspberry Red - No7. Crush - Revlon. White Russian - Buxom. Hot Gossip - MAC.
i-pod cover - Paperchase
Pretty sure I'm the only person who actually still carries around an i-pod. Which is probably a good thing, because my iPod sets off those store security alarms when it's on. I cringe every time.

What's in your everyday bag? Have you done a post like this? If so link it below.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I'm Gunna Get You

song of the day - 96 Tears by The Stranglers.
Last week I decided to take a well needed trip to the Trafford Centre, and came home with a very empty purse. I'd say I regret spending all that money, but we all know I'd be lying. Buying pretty things is my favourite thing to do, be it for me or someone else.
 distressed shorts & choker - Forever21. top - H&M.
 For those with delicate sensibilities: you might want to avert your eyes now.
 Boux Avenue
Victoria's Secret.
I didn't realise that the sales were on before going out. So it was a very happy surprise when I trotted into Victoria's Secret, and there were signs saying "50% off"! I love having a look round VS, but usually the prices are way too high for me to buy anything from there. This time, though, I walked away with some joggers, and 2 bras. Result.

Have you been taking advantages of the sales?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Curator, Dictator

song of the day - Dyers Eve by Metallica 
It's been a long week, and my brain is currently mush. I'm back in work tomorrow, but then I have 4 days off. Sometimes working part time has its perks. 
Maybe my next post will have a little more of that coherency that we're all so fond of. Probably not.
top - H&M. shirt - Republic. shorts - Forever21.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wouldn't Believe It, If You See It

song of the day - Mayhem by Imelda May
this photo was taken on 2010 as part of a uni project for one of the fashion student at my uni. 
the shoot took place in the basement of our uni, which used to be a hospital
It's a well known fact that I'm a nosey bugger. Always have been, always will be. And I love learning facts about people. So this post is for all my nosey parkers out there, who wouldn't mind learning something new about me.  I don't think I've ever done a "facts about me" style post before. So here goes.
  1.  I'm the youngest child, with three older brothers. Two of them are half brothers, and there's a 19 years (well 18 years and 363 days) age gap between me and the eldest.
  2. I regret the courses I took in college, but I'm glad I took those classes because of the friends I made as a result of that.
  3. I have a 2:1 Ba (hons) in Advertising Design. Will I ever use it? I doubt it. Looking back I wish I'd taken a year out to decide what I wanted to do. If I could change the past then I'd have gone down the apprenticeship route. Alas, it was not meant to be.
  4. This one might be a bit obvious, but I love Harry Potter. I'm pretty sure I'll still be reading HP fan fiction when I'm an old biddy.
  5. I'd be happy in a mundane office job. Seriously, monotony is my dream.
  6. A friend and I almost got run over by Piers Morgan in Manchester a few (more like 5) years ago. Twat.
  7. Me and my sibling are first generation English. I'm half polish and half pakistani. Mum (and the grandparents) moved here 65 years ago when she was two, I'm not sure when my dad moved here.
  8. I've been to Spain, Poland, and Pakistan. I'd love to travel, but I'm too afraid. The thought of being in a foreign country, where I don't speak the language, gives me anxiety.
  9. I love my camera. It is the best purchase I've ever made, and I only wish I'd took the plunge sooner.
  10. When I was 3/4 I went face first into a motorbike. My mouth was not a happy place for months. I found it so hard to eat.
  11. I currently work in retail, and before my current job I volunteered in a children's charity shop for 2 years. Volunteering was the best experience I've ever had. Everyone was batshit, so I fitted right in.
Eleven is as good a number as any to end it on, right.
What's an interesting fact about you? If you've done a post like this link it below and I'll check it out.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Welcome to the Space Jam

song of the day - Space Jam by Quad City DJ's
For my birthday one of my brothers ordered me a Space Jam inspired jersey. It is amazing! Best. Gift. Ever. It is mahoosive on me, but I don't even care, it is just too cool.
Space Jam is one of my favourite films, so if you've never seen it I recommend getting to it! Obviously I've got nothing on Michael Jordan, but I think I could hold my own on the court.
Last week Harry Potter, this week Space Jam; I promise not all of my outfits are going to be fandom based from now on! I just had to show you this top asap. Which is also why it's very creased. Patience is not a virtue I have.

I wanted to wear shorts with this outfit but I could not find a single pair. I'm pretty sure I have at least 5 pairs; I'm going to have to hunt them out. Or just buy more. Probably both.
jeans - Forever21. boots - Bertie. rings - H&M.
Has a movie/book ever inspired your clothing?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blue Is The Colour Of All That I Wear

song of the day - Blue by Eiffel 65
Earlier this year it was announced that Make Up For Ever would be coming to Debenhams, and I've been so excited about this. MUFE is one of those brands that all the big beauty youtubers have mentioned at least once, but wasn't readily available in the uk. I think there are a few stockists in London, but that's bit too far for me. Anyway, when I was doing a bit of online window shopping the other day I noticed MUFE was finally up on the Debenhams website. I had to make an order.
I really wanted to try out a foundation from MUFE, but I didn't want to risk ordering the wrong shade. In the end I bought 2 MUFE products, and a new lipstick from Illamasqua.
First up is the Aqua Matic in Iridescent Turquoise, which is a waterproof eyeshadow pencil. This is absolutely lovely to use. You can either use these as a liner, or all over colour. They can be smudged out, but once they set, they aren't moving! 
Next is the Aqua Rouge in Dark Raspberry, a liquid lipstick type product. One on end you have the colour, which is matte, then the other end is a clear gloss. It's very long lasting, and can end up staining the lips.
shade is Vendetta
I know, I know, "when will you even wear a blue lipstick?!", I have impulse control issues. As in I have no impulse control. But who cares, what's the point in earning money if you can't buy something just for fun once in a while.
Have you tried anything from MUFE before? Would you rock a blue lipstick?
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